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Discover our no-fail secrets that has helped thousands to lose weight naturally.

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The untold secrets to balance your thyroid and lose your weight for life...


Finally it is possible to balance your thyroid and lose 2 - 7 pounds a week without starving. Discover how to re-vitalise your health, boost your metabolism, look and feel sensational and get off the diet roller coaster for good!

Do you find it a constant battle to lose weight? Do you feel frustrated and trapped in your body? Are you sick and tired of yo-yo dieting? Have you ever felt there must be an easier way to lose weight?

If you can't lose weight and are not sure why, it could be your thyroid gland.

Your thyroid gland regulates your metabolic rate. If your thyroid is sluggish or underactive you will find it an uphill battle to lose weight.

It is estimated that approximately 40 per cent of the adult population have an underactive thyroid or hypothyroid problems. While your blood tests may be within normal limits, you may still show obvious signs and symptoms that your thyroid gland isn’t operating at its optimal level.

Many patients tell their doctor there is something wrong, however the diagnosis of hypothyroidism is often missed. Many people end up frustrated and bewildered. Their doctor says there is nothing wrong, their family thinks they are crazy, yet they know they don't feel well.

One of the most common symptoms we see of underactive thyroid function in our clinics is easy weight gain. Patients complain that they just can't lose weight despite being fanatical with their diet and exercise.

Do you complain of being constantly exhausted - waking up tired and then dragging your feet through the day? Do you experience dry skin, thinning hair and cold feet? Do you have constipation or suffer from PMT, depression and lack of sex drive? If so you have the classic symptoms of an underactive thyroid.

A recent survey also shows that even among patients taking thyroid hormone medication, only 60% are within the normal range on the thyroid hormone blood tests. So even with medication your thyroid can still be suffering. This may be because the underlying cause to why your thyroid is upset has not been addressed.

If you don't treat your thyroid and get to the cause of why it is not working then you can pay an enormous cost.

For example, if you are trying to get pregnant and have an underactive thyroid, you have a higher risk of infertility, a four-fold risk of miscarriage and a higher likelihood of having a child with an impaired IQ. Older women with hypothyroidism are twice as likely to have blockages in the aorta and twice as likely to have heart attacks.

More importantly for everyone, an underactive thyroid can rob you of your vitality and enjoyment of life. The weight which comes with an underactive thyroid puts you at greater risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes and diabetes. Not to mention the everyday ailments like exhaustion, depression, fluid retention, hormonal problems, bad backs and sore joints. Being overweight has also been linked to some forms of impotence, infertility and cancer.

If you are overweight and carry fat around your middle, you have a problem serious enough to shorten your life expectancy!

These are serious issues that you should not take lightly.

My name is Elizabeth Noble. I am a qualified naturopath and director of the Wholistic Therapy Centre in Sydney. I have spent the last 12 years with my team of qualified naturopaths researching and successfully treating thousands of overweight people, many with underactive thyroids, with natural weight loss approaches.

People who have tried diet after diet with no success. People whose days are spent agonising over what foods they can eat, days spent constantly hungry, feeling tired, unfocused and unmotivated. After years helping thousands of others to balance their thyroid and lose weight - I know what works and what doesn't.

I invite you to read the information below carefully. Start applying methods that work, and take control of your health and weight. These natural methods will help ease your thyroid symptoms, lose weight and give you the chance to live the full and active life you deserve.

These remedies are natural, accessible and affordable. However since the large drug companies cannot patent them, most doctors will never prescribe them.

With a bit of knowledge your results can be astounding!

With our professional guidance, others like you have totally turned their lives around.

Here's what our patients initially report:

  • An easy, steady weight loss of 2 - 6 pounds (1 - 3kg) a week
  • Increased energy, vitality and a new zest for life
  • A crystal clear mind
  • Improved, more comfortable digestion - no constipation
  • No ravenous hunger or dieting blues
  • Increased ability to cope with stress
  • Faster metabolism
The longer term benefits our patients report include:
  • A nicely toned body - no sagging skin

  • More stamina and sex drive
  • Stronger hair and nails

  • Smoother, softer skin - there is no or drawn faces to worry about
  • Decreased appearance of cellulite

  • Lowered cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar

  • Freedom from the joint and muscle pains, poor posture, depression, mood swings and fluid retention that accompany an underactive thyroid and weight problems
  • Lowered cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Increased self esteem and confidence

But don't take my word for it. Here's what some of our patients had to say...

"I have always had a battle with my weight. I have tried every diet on the market. Some diets just did not suit me. Others made me feel ill. I was constantly tired and had no energy. I felt trapped in a body that was not the real me. I finally got fed up with making excuses and started on the Wholistic Weight Loss Program.

Now all I can say is THANK YOU. I have lost 25 kg, my health has greatly improved and to know it helps my epilepsy is a godsend. This is not a diet to me. It is a way to keep my body firing on all cylinders.

I am so much happier in every way. You have given me back my life to enjoy with a sense of purpose." Debbie Lockey, Hornsby.

Before                                    After

“I have been a diabetic for many years, with a continuous weight problem. Thanks to Elizabeth with her professional ongoing care, support and weight loss program, I have been able to halve my insulin dose which in turn has helped me to lose weight. I feel this is not a diet but more a lifestyle change. I have received many accolades from not only my husband, but my endocrinologist, family and friends telling me how proud they are of me.”
Una D
. Beacon Hill

Elizabeth, as featured on National Television's
Good Morning Australia
with Kerri-Anne Kennaley.

“Since my daughter was born more than ten years ago, I have struggled with excess weight, fatigue, depression and chronic digestive problems. I tried all the usual diets and cures with little result. This balanced, natural Wholistic Weight Loss approach has really made a dramatic change. After a few weeks my stomach problems have disappeared, I have a great sense of energy and well being, and I’ve started losing weight for the first time in a decade without feeling hungry. I had given up hope of ever feeling this well again.” Christiane B, Hornsby

"As a long time arthritis sufferer with the accompanying inactivity and depression, striving to keep my weight under control, I feel well qualified to assess the efficacy of the various diets available.

The Wholistic Weight Loss program has been by far the most beneficial, promoting general health, stimulating mental powers as well as giving significant weight loss.

I have lost 13 pounds in 30 days" Helen Lea, St Ives.


“ After many years of being ruled by my hormone levels, Elizabeth’s program has put me back in control. I now know what types of food suit my body, and how to feed myself in response to cravings. This has led to a large reduction in PMT, a more regular cycle and a much happier me.” Kim L, Hornsby.

“This is easily my most successful weight loss attempt, and my best opportunity to permanently change poor eating habits. I now have more energy, better health and no more sugar cravings.” Donna M, Dee Why 


Can't lose weight and don't know why?

The secret to all these inspiring weight loss success stories is to establish the underlying causes of your weight gain, and then treat these causes naturally.

If your thyroid is the reason why you can't lose weight then you need to know:

  • Why doctors get it so wrong in diagnosing hypothyroidism

  • The most accurate way to diagnose an underactive thyroid

  • The tropical oil proven to boost metabolism and blast fat

  • The 11 foods that can sabotage your best efforts to correct your thyroid

  • The list of super foods which are "must haves" in your diet. Without then you will suffer needlessly with your thyroid symptoms

  • The healthy herbs and essential supplements to promote a healthy thyroid

  • How to detox your liver to fire up your thyroid

  • How to deal with stress and banish frustration to help thyroid function

  • The recommended exercises to boost your metabolism, beat fatigue and burn fat fast

  • Why repeated diets are your worst enemy

  • The diet to end all diets for thyroid sufferers

In many overweight patients there are usually a number of causes at play - and they all work hand in hand.

If you treat the causes of your weight problem, you too will achieve remarkable weight loss and a new lease on life.

Just imagine yourself losing weight safely and easily

Imagine being able to wear smart, sexy new clothes, being proud of your trim body. Imagine being able to enjoy exercise and play with the kids - enjoying abundant energy and vibrant health - being the envy of friends and family. Looking and feeling sensational. Having the body you've always wanted.

Wouldn't it be amazing!

I can help you make it a reality.

"I have see-sawed with my weight for twenty years and have always been starving on the eating programs I have tried. Not so with your program. I have found the feeling of hunger and cravings have diminished, I have more energy and feel more alert in my daily life.
I have learnt painlessly how to incorporate this program into my daily life and that of my family. Thank you for the help and support you have given me." Janette J , Mt Colah.

No-fail secrets to permanent weight loss revealed...

The Wholistic Weight Loss Program helps you establish why you are overweight, and gives you the essential tools to lose your weight safely, easily and for life.

Our program is based on some of Nature's oldest secrets plus the latest scientific breakthroughs in weight control. The program also reveals the invaluable experiences of the thousands of patients treated at the Wholistic Therapy Centre.

It incorporates the Centre's bestselling book 'Nature's Secrets to Weight Control' (available also as an instant download ebook), PLUS informative video, relaxation CD, phone support, health appraisals, workbook, regular newsletters, and more.

You can purchase the book individually or get it with the other products at a super discount in our GOLD pack.


Our proven protocols are safe, easy and guaranteed to help you lose weight.

"Since being on the program I have lost a significant amount of weight within a short period of time. I no longer suffer from abdominal pain or bloating. I feel and look much healthier, and often had comments of 'looking really well' even before the weight loss was noticed.
I have found this the easiest and most comfortable way to lose weight quickly, as I am no longer constantly hungry and I enjoy the food I do eat". Jeanette S, Manly.


What's in the Wholistic Weight Loss Program

Essential Tool 1 - 170 page BOOK 'Nature's Secrets to Weight Control' by qualified naturopath Elizabeth Noble

Chapters include...

  • The secrets of healthy weight loss (and why conventional low fat diets slow your metabolism)
  • Detoxification - the key to optimal health
  • Is your blood sugar making you fat?
  • How to harmonise your hormones to lose weight (including all the essential secrets to balance your thyroid)
  • Stress busting for weight control
  • Super supplements for slimming
  • Exercise for life
  • Food allergies - the hidden culprit in weight problems?
  • Foods to encourage weight loss
  • Eating to live

The self assessments in each chapter will help you establish the unique causes of your weight gain.

As a bonus, the book features a low carbohydrate eating plan with delicious recipes like Salmon Cutlets with Lemon Dill Sauce, Thai Yellow Curry, Veal Mozzarella, Cottage Cheese Pancakes, Melon Smoothie, Cream of Chicken Soup, Chicken Burgers and more!

'Nature's Secrets to Weight Control' ebook US$27.95 or paperback US$29.95

CLICK HERE NOW to order your e-book or paperback now

Keep reading to learn what you'll get in the complete GOLD pack


Essential tool 2 - 30 Minute DVD or VIDEO 'Eating Your Way to Permanent Slimness'

Shows you:
  • Why conventional dieting may be making you fatter!
  • The low carbohydrate way of eating
  • The delicious everyday foods that can help boost your metabolism and manage your weight FOR LIFE!
  • How to measure your daily fat loss
  • How to maintain your slim, healthy and vital body forever.

The video shows you that it's what you eat, not how much that counts. The trick is getting the right balance of protein and not too much carbohydrate. This is critical information for your weight loss.

Eating Your Way to Permanent Slimness' DVD or video. Value US$29.95.


Essential tool 3 - Relaxation CD (or MP3 download) 'How to Burn Your Body Fat 24 hours a day'.

A guided relaxation CD (or MP3) to help your subconscious mind work on your weight reduction, day and night.

Relaxation therapy is now widely recognised as a vital step in helping you lose weight and keep it off. This CD will help you build your confidence, change your approach to eating, lose weight automatically and feel great while you do it!

'How to Burn Your Body Fat 24 hours a day' CD or MP3. Value US$25.95


Essential tool 4 - SUBSCRIPTION to the
Wholistic Weight Management Journal for 1 year

Published several times a year and full of the latest cutting edge strategies and tactics in weight control and healthy living. 

Each journal is packed full of ground breaking material, handy hints, true stories, how-to-articles and delicious recipes to keep you in tiptop condition.

If you're serious about weight loss and leading a long, active life, this information is a must. One year's newsletter subscription valued at US$69


Essential tool 5 - Personal Support by phone or email


Whenever you have any questions or need advice, support or encouragement, just ring us or email us at the Wholistic Therapy Centre.

We want you to succeed and by having this service available you will have no excuses!

One month's email or phone support valued at US$199 but is included free in the Gold pack.


Essential tool 6 - Your own Get Results Weight Management Workbook

A quality work book with inspirational work sheets to help you set your own goals for optimal health and weight loss success.

15 page Weight Management Workbook. Valued at US$15


Essential tool 7  - A comprehensive 6 page Personal Supplement Appraisal

This questionnaire will help you pinpoint any nutritional deficiencies that may be contributing to your weight and thyroid problem. It will also make sure you aren't wasting your money on supplements you don't need.

6 page Personal Supplement Appraisal. Valued at US$25.


Essential tool 8 - Report 'How to Have Amazing Weight Loss with Ayurveda - the ancient secret body of knowledge that can double your weight loss'.

A handy report on the Ayurvedic approach to boosting metabolism, permanent weight loss and healthy living. It is packed with information on foods to encourage weight loss, lifestyle practices, simple yoga poses, quick meditations, detoxification protocols and more to keep you in balance.

These are powerful concepts you can immediately apply to boost your weight loss.

35 pages 'How to have Amazing Weight Loss with Ayurveda' report. Value US$20



"I am 40 years old, with 3 children aged 13, 11 and 4. I work two days a week. When I sought Elizabeth’s help, my size 14 clothes were getting tight. I was always a size 12. I believed I had a good diet, but the weight just kept piling on.

I have found the eating plan to be extremely sensible and not stringent. I really crave the good foods now, instead of the sugary treats. I am really pleased with my weight loss results - I have lost 14 lbs of  fat and increased my muscle mass. My chronic gastric problems of the past have also been brought under control. Thanks Elizabeth.”
Kirsty O, Harbord.

How to order your book or program


Order your 170 page fully published book 'Nature's Secrets to Weight Control' (US$29.95) or the ebook (US$27.95)

You could be reading this vital, life changing material in minutes!

 Click here now to order


OPTION 2: GOLD PACK - POSTED to your door

Get all eight essential tools right to your doorstep for US$149.95. Includes:

  • fully published book,
  • relaxation CD,
  • DVD video,
  • three additional bound reports
  • Get Results work book
  • newsletter subscription
  • Phone and email support

The individual items in the program and the bonuses below are valued at $458 so you save $309 by purchasing this complete pack!



Download the entire GOLD pack with all eight essential tools at a super discount price of US$89.95 - plus free bonuses (see below).  

You'll save $370 by purchasing the download versions! No postage rates to pay, start your program in minutes.




Order within 7 days to receive three additional free bonuses valued at $65.00 (instant download) with EVERY online purchase:

weight loss starter pack free


Here's what you'll receive right now:


14 Natural Thyroid Treatments That Most Doctors Will Never Tell You

Breakthrough information to get your life back. Includes:

  • Why doctors get it so wrong in diagnosing hypothyroidism

  • The most accurate way to diagnose an underactive thyroid

  • The tropical oil proven to boost metabolism and blast fat

  • The 11 foods that can sabotage your best efforts to correct your thyroid

  • The list of super foods which are "must haves" in your diet. Without then you will suffer needlessly with your thyroid symptoms

  • The healthy herbs and essential supplements to promote a healthy thyroid

  • How to detox your liver to fire up your thyroid

  • How to deal with stress and banish frustration to help thyroid function

  • The recommended exercises to boost your metabolism, beat fatigue and burn fat fast

  • Why repeated diets are your worst enemy

  • The diet to end all diets for thyroid sufferers

This critical information will get you feeling normal again to start enjoying a life you'll love. Valued at $20 (but priceless if it turns your health around).


"The definitive LIST of calorie advantage foods" (e-brochure)

Calorie advantage foods burn up more calories than they themselves supply! For example, a piece of celery is approximately 20 calories, it is going to take your body approximately 100 calories to burn it up through the process of digestion and elimination. This helps to use up calories!

I've listed over 100 fruits, vegetables and protein sources that work like this.
Get this valuable list worth over $30.00 for free.

A great free offer. This information is hard to get for any price, let alone for free.


Issue 1 of my Wholistic Weight Management Journal (as an e-book) - with special feature article - "The health risks of carbohydrates".

Life saving information that your doctor may not be telling you. Get all the facts, cut through the hype and watch those pounds melt away.

Issue 2 of my Wholistic Weight Management Journal (e-book) - with special feature article - "How to burn fat fast!"

This second journal is a must. Includes all the insider tips used by my patients to blast their fat and firm up their hips, bottom and thighs.

Order your package or e-book now and you'll be enjoying this free starter pack within minutes. Total value $65 - for free!

“Since being on the program, I have lost weight, have more energy, a much clearer mind, and a wonderful sense of well being!”
Peter O, Narrabeen


100% Money-back Guarantee
As a natural practitioner and weight loss counsellor, I know these techniques work and I stand behind my products.

Your purchase is completely risk free by having a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your investment just return your package (or if you have the download versions, just send me an email) within 90 days for a refund of your purchase.

The Wholistic Weight Loss Program will provide you with all the tools you need to make a quantum leap in weight loss and thyroid health. If you are serious about starting a fat loss program then you cannot afford to be without it.

When you consider that natural weight loss will save you the expense (not to mention the frustration and inconvenience) of hundreds of dollars spent on repeated fad diets and ill-health from being overweight, this may be the best investment you'll ever make! Remember all our proven protocols are safe, easy and guaranteed to help you lose weight.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Noble

BSc. Dip Nat Res. Dip Nat Ther.
Member of Complementary Medicine Assoc
"Health Practitioners Who Naturally Care"


PS You can enjoy weight loss without hunger, you can restore youthful energy and look 10 years younger, and you can keep off the diet roller coaster for life, once you have treated the causes of why you are overweight. This is your ticket to freedom from dieting!

PPS For the sake of yourself and your family doesn't it make sense to do everything possible to reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, strokes and cancer? Losing weight is the fastest, easiest way to reduce your risk.


“Thank you for giving me back my life!”
Denise L, Asquith.

Start creating positive changes in your life in the next five minutes...

CLICK HERE NOW  to order online and claim your BOOK or GOLD pack and the super bonuses.

OR call our clinic on 61 02 9984 0260 between 10am to 5pm (Eastern Standard Time) Monday to Friday.

OR Click here to print an order form to fax or mail your order



Gold pack (postal package)
Also available as
instant download version
(see details above)

 “I noticed after just two weeks on the Wholistic Weight Loss  Program, I was feeling the best I have felt in years. I have more energy, and feel so well, it’s amazing.”
Bernadette S, Manly Vale.

“Thank you for helping me to regain control of my body. I had attributed my lack of energy and increasing waist line to my age (46). I now understand the correct balance of foods to suit my body type. My family have noticed the way I look, and I finally feel my true self again.” Denise P, Beacon Hill.

“Thanks Elizabeth for making it easy to lose weight (8 kg). I’ve achieved my goal and have changed many of my long term eating and drinking habits. It’s all happened quickly and the program provides easy ways and tips to go about it.” Jan V, Hornsby.

“Since following the program I have learnt how to avoid abdominal bloating which has bothered me for many years. My energy levels have increased greatly through improved eating habits and the extra weight is finally coming off.” Caroline W, Dee Why.


This web site’s intention is to inform and educate. It is not to replace medical advice given by your health professional. © Wholistic Therapy Centre 2005


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