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Discover the no-fail secrets that have helped thousands to feel great and lose weight naturally at our clinics.

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All your questions answered


Do you deliver anywhere?
Yes. Downloads and e-books are available within minutes right to your computer. Remember that some of the files may take a while to download so I suggest you start the process as soon as your order is confirmed.

Postal packs can be delivered to over 200 countries. Please allow 3 working days for delivery in Australia, and 9 days outside Australia. We accept payments in over 200 different currencies.

When you submit your order you will be e-mailed a personal order number. You can quote this if you need to keep track of your order.

Will my ebook work on a Mac Computer?

The eBook software only runs on a Windows-based PC platform.

To run the eBook software on your Mac, you will need to have a PC emulator program such as Virtual PC or SoftWindows.

Alternatively, consider getting the full postal versions (you don't need to download these - they are fully printed books, CDs and DVDs).


How do I know that this program will not turn out like other diets that initially produce great results?
The Wholistic Weight Management Program is not a diet, but a lifelong program that allows you to maximise your health, vitality and longevity as you lose weight. Many diets are based on ill informed food choices - either eat all the carbohydrate you want, or eat all the protein and fat that you want. This program is based on moderation. There are limits to the amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat eaten at every meal.


Can I afford the program?
Your health is one of your greatest assets. This may be the most important investment you can make in yourself! In the long term you will be saving money (and time) normally spent on medical expenses and failed yo yo diets. The program itself is one of the least expensive on the market. You can buy all your foods from your local supermarket or grocer.

Do I have to be obsessive about following the program to be successful?

No. Obviously the closer you follow the program, the greater the results, but I understand that for some people it will be hard to follow it all the time. It is what you do 90% of the time that counts.

How long before I can expect to see results on the program?

Within a couple of days you should see a marked reduction in your carbohydrate cravings and an improvement in your mental focus. Within a week you should see an increase in your energy and physical performance. Most people find they lose between 1- 3 kg a week on the program. More importantly you should notice that your measurements are shrinking and that your clothes are fitting more comfortably.

How much weight can I lose?

How much weight do you want to lose? Would you be happy shedding a few extra kilos or do you plan to lose 40 kg ? There is no limit to the amount of weight you can lose - as long as it is in your optimal health range. It really depends on the time and effort you are prepared to put in.

Could the medication I am taking interfere with the program's success?

Many medications have an adverse effect on weight loss. These are discussed in the book. The improved nutrition on the eating plans frequently render medication unnecessary, however I do not recommend you reduce or stop your prescribed medication without the knowledge of your doctor.

Can I follow the program if I am diabetic?

The program is fantastic for Type II diabetics because it helps to stabilise your blood sugar levels. For those on insulin it is important that you are monitored by your doctor since your insulin requirements frequently drop.

Can I follow the program if I am at risk of kidney disease or osteoporosis?

Yes. The eating plans are not excessively high in protein. They contain adequate protein spread over 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. The eating plans are based on restricting your carbohydrate intake.

Can I follow the program if I have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue or inflammation like arthritis or allergies?

Absolutely! The low carbohydrate way of eating is showing great results in patients with the above conditions. They are all related to unbalanced blood sugar and high insulin levels.

Will the eating plans aggravate my gout?

Gout can be aggravated with the eating plans not because they are too high in protein, but because you can lose your weight too quickly. I recommend you slow your weight loss down by staying on the moderate carbohydrate eating plan in the book.

Are there any adverse effects to the program?

Occasionally patients report a slight headache, fatigue or mild nausea on the first few days after starting the program. This is a good sign that the body is detoxifying and is only short - lived. In some cases constipation can occur if your water intake is inadequate. This is because burning fat requires more water than burning carbohydrate. It is usually remedied easily by drinking more water.

Will the program still work if I can't exercise?

Yes, the eating plans alone will give you good results, however you will find it a lot faster and easier if you can exercise as well.

Can I prepare the same foods for my family?

Yes. The beauty of the program is that the whole family can share in the meals. If you have children, underweight members, athletes or labourers in the family you can simply add more carbohydrates to their portions.

What happens if I regain my weight ?

If you stick to a healthy diet and have dealt with the underlying causes of your excess weight then you shouldn't regain your weight. If you do revert to poor eating habits and gain weight, then simply pop back on the low carbohydrate eating plan for a quick tune up.

When was this program developed?

The eating plans have been around for thousands of years - they are very similar to man's natural diet of fresh meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and oils. These diets have been scientifically researched and reviewed since the early 1980s and have been used successfully along with the rest of the program in my clinic for the past 12 years.

It all sounds a bit too good to be true. Is there a catch?

The only catch is that you must be prepared to do something! I am not offering a medical miracle, promises of overnight success or some silly fad diet. I am talking about applying proven principles and scientific fact to help you lose your excess weight for good. You must be prepared to put in a certain amount of effort in order to reap the incredible rewards of the program. If you are not prepared to make the effort, save your money!

Can I email or phone for advice?

Certainly. I am eager for you to succeed. With support you are more likely to succeed in losing your weight and keeping it off.

What happens if I don't like the program?

I stand behind my products, so I offer a 90 day money back guarantee. If there is some reason why you don't like the package you can send it back for a full refund (excluding post) - no questions asked.

Do you follow these recommendations yourself?

Absolutely! Probably my most important qualification is that I believe in, and have tested all these proven techniques in my own life. For example with both my pregnancies I gained over 20 kg in weight. By following these guidelines I was able to bounce back into my pre-pregnancy 50 kg shape within 3 months. If I can do it, anyone can!


This web site’s intention is to inform and educate. It is not to replace medical advice given by your health professional. © Wholistic Therapy Centre 2005.
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