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Elizabeth Noble
Qualified Naturopath
BSc. Dip Nat Res. Dip Nat Ther.

Complementary Medical Assoc Member
"Health Practitioners who naturally care"

As seen on National TV, and in the Sydney Herald, Hornsby Advocate and Manly Daily.


"How an Amazing Discovery by a Sydney Naturopath Stops An Ear Infection Dead in its Tracks, So You Can Say Goodbye to Painful Ears, Congestion and Muffled Hearing Once and For All!"

You can now get my proven natural secrets for easing an ear infection quickly and easily, and keeping it at bay.

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for answering my e-mails. I've been using your methods for the last two weeks - and my kids' ear infections have cleared up! (I have a 2 and a half year old and a baby).

Thank you again for all of your time and feedback!. I plan on using your suggestions for many moons to come!

Kelli H,
Austin, Texas USA



Dear Ear Infection Sufferer or Concerned Parent,

If you or your child are sick and tired of feeling miserable and run down, if your ear is red raw and swollen and you've finally had a gut full of ear infections... then this could be the most important letter you've read all year.

Here's why...

There is now a safe and easy way to stop ear infections in their tracks... without undergoing expensive treatment and without taking a fistful of drugs either.

Please let me explain...

My name's Elizabeth Noble and I'm a qualified naturopath here in Sydney. I know first hand just how terrible it can be to suffer from the relentless pain of ear infections.

I know, because several years ago, I was where you are now. In my case I was struggling to help my very sick 2 year old son, who was battling with painful recurrent ear infections.

Joshua was just 3 months old when he experienced his first ear infection. It had started off with a simple cold, but quickly progressed into a full blown ear infection.

He woke in the middle of the night clutching his little ear whilst screaming till he was bright red in the face. There was nothing we could do to console him. We rang the local hospital who advised us to wait till morning and take him to the local doctor. We spent the night rocking him, pacing the floor boards, patting his back - we tried everything to relieve his pain. I was at my wits end and my heart broke to see him in so much pain.

At first light we were on the doctor's doorstep, desperate for advice. The doctor  prescribed painkillers and antibiotics, and within a few hours things had seemed to settle down. Within a few days we thought he was over it, but in less than one month the ear infection had returned! Back to the doctor and another prescription of antibiotics. And the same again six weeks later.

This cycle continued, and by the time he was 14 months old Joshua had taken at least five rounds of antibiotics!

The doctors did not seem to have a clue. We were sent on a futile merry-go-round of doctors appointments, medical tests, more antibiotics and dangerous drugs.

Some medications made Joshua as sick as a dog with diarhhorea, nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness, thrush and bright red skin rashes. Some drugs would seem to give him relief for a few days, then the inevitable colds and ear infections would return.

It was at this point that the pediatrician diagnosed enlarged adenoids and tonsils which were causing breathing problems and sleep apnoea. Dutifully we followed the doctor's advice and had them surgically removed in the hope that it would also end the vicious cycle of infections. Their removal certainly helped with his sleep patterns but did nothing to cure his ear infections.

The last straw came in the dead of night, just before our annual beach holiday up to the Gold Coast in Queensland. Joshua woke up screaming and inconsolable. He had a high fever, and again was clutching his little red ear. In despair and frustration we had to cancel our flights and holiday accommodation. Our other 6 year old son was devastated that his holiday had been ruined.

It was at that moment that I swore I had to find the reason why Joshua was suffering recurrent ear infections. I would do anything to get him off the useless rounds of immune-draining antibiotics and relieve his pain.

I was baffled as to why Joshua seemed so vulnerable to ear infections. He was still being breast fed, he was being introduced to fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables and we had not gone near any potential allergens like cows milk or wheat. We had even agreed to have his adenoids and tonsils taken out. All to no avail. What was even more confusing was that his older brother had never had an ear infection in his life, and had never needed antibiotics.

I was desperate for an answer. I was on a quest, a journey, a search to rid my son of recurrent ear infections once and for all. I threw my heart and soul into it.

My first step was the library where I spent hours poring over library books, studying research papers and devouring medical journals for the latest breakthrough information. I interviewed doctors and natural health experts, and quizzed hundreds of patients on their experiences.

What I discovered astounded and upset me!

The facts showed that:

  • The majority of ear infections are caused by viruses, which antibiotics are useless against!

  • When antibiotics are repeatedly used for middle ear infection in children, it increases the chances of further infection by 200 - 600%! (Journal of the American Medical Association)

  • Repeated courses of antibiotics increases the chances that surgery will ultimately be needed

  • 90% of children get better just as fast whether they take antibiotics or not. There is no significant differences in speed of relief of pain, how quickly temperature returns to normal or how soon ear discharge stops.

  • In adults with chronic middle ear infection there is no benefit whatever from antibiotic use (British Medical Journal)

  • Antibiotics have nasty side effects like destroying all the good and bad bacteria from the body and leading to immune suppression, gastrointestinal problems like bloating and diarrhea, and potential allergies.

These were things I did not want my child to suffer!

  • The over prescription of antibiotics is also leading to drug-resistant forms of bacteria which nothing can kill. These bacteria pose a threat to you and your family's life!

I was really mad at my doctor for not explaining the ineffectiveness of antibiotics and the side effects of taking them. I felt angry and guilty at myself for putting my child through so many rounds of immune-draining and expensive antibiotics.

I then passionately researched every possible natural treatment for ear infections that I could find. I studied how to boost up my child's immune system so he wouldn't succumb to every infection that came along. I discovered that the majority of children with recurrent ear infections are able to avoid surgery by avoiding foods to which they are allergic to.

I also learned about many very simple natural remedies that start to work on the painful symptoms almost immediately. I wish I had known this from the start. It would have saved a lot of pain and heartache.

I couldn't wait to put what I'd learnt into practice with my son...

And when I did, the results were outstanding!

He was no longer fussy and irritable. He started to thrive and put on weight. His colds and viral infections became a rarity and they no longer progressed into ear infections.  He became a happier child with a lovely, outgoing personality. I was thrilled.

Joshua is now 6 years old and has not come down with an ear infection for over 3 years. In fact, he rarely gets sick at all. When he does pick up a sniffle or cold we have the right ammunition to hit it on the head before it progresses to an ear infection. It works every time with simple, inexpensive remedies you can make at home or get through a health food shop.

I did not stop with just treating Joshua. Next I used this natural approach with the immune-suppressed children I see in my clinic. The amazing accolades from my patients proved how effective the drug-free approach was.

We sought help from Elizabeth for our 9-year-old son after he had suffered many months of ill health which conventional medicine had been unable to offer any assistance with.

He was born 6 weeks prematurely and suffered numerous ear infections necessitating many courses of antibiotics as a baby and toddler. He also required grommets on two occasions and removal of his adenoids aged 6 years.

Whenever he had an upper respiratory infection he also suffered from croup, often requiring treatment with steroids. Recently after several bouts of abdominal pain and bloating, a stool specimen confirmed the presence of Giardia.

It was at this point that we first took our son to see Elizabeth. She diagnosed him with a leaky gut and we commenced a regimen of supplements and modified his diet to avoid sugar, preservatives and colours.

Within three weeks we had a healthy, active little boy who was behaving beautifully. In the year since we first saw Elizabeth, we have had a few setbacks with our child’s health but these can be traced back to when he hasn’t been taking the supplements and he has also strayed away from his healthier diet.

Other people have also noticed the great improvement in his health and stamina. His soccer coach asked us ‘what we had him on’ about 6 weeks after starting Elizabeth’s treatment regimen.

Thank you so much for giving us back our beautiful boy, Elizabeth and saving our sanity!! My only regret is that I didn’t know about you sooner.

Alan and Liz W, Hornsby

March 26 2007

Hello Elizabeth,

We love your web site! I have a son, Joey Niceforo, who is a young 27 year old tenor, with a group called "DESTINO" recording in Vancouver Bc, Canada.

For the last few weeks Joey has had a cold. Just a few days ago he developed an ear ache, a swollen ear and loss of hearing. He was diagnosed with serous otitis media (middle ear infection).

The major concern we have is that Joey and the Group DESTINO have been booked to open the Marie Osmond show in Disney World on April 3,

Do you have a quick remedy for our son??

May God Bless you,
Joe Niceforo Sr, Father from Canada

April 1 2007

, We again thank you very, very much for your therapy advice. Joey's ear got better just before flying.

He also got the special ear plugs for flying, and arrived in Florida, from Vancouver, on April 1st. On April 2nd he told us the ear was almost 100 percent, and he will, with the other, great DESTINO tenors be performing, in the COLORADO BALL ROOM DISNEY WORLD tonight at 7 pm.

Your help was so effective, and helpful, to our young Canadian tenor, Joey Niceforo. I'm sure your input and therapy advice will, and has helped others.

Thank you again. God Bless"
Joe & Jean Niceforo Sr, parents.

DESTINO is currently sweeping the musical charts and selling millions of CDs worldwide. Insight Magazine said, “Joey Niceforo has one of the most robust and exciting voices I’ve heard in a long time. He’s riveting on stage…"


Finally there is a solution to the pain and frustration of ear infections...


My program is available to you in an e-book called "Nature's Amazing Ear Infection Cures". This is the exact formula that has worked for Joshua and hundreds of my patients. If you want to get off the antibiotic treadmill and avoid dangerous surgery, then this is the solution for you.

"Nature's Amazing Ear Infection Cures" is an e-book that arrives to you in electronic form in minutes. You can read it on screen, or simply press the print button, and it will print a copy right on your printer.


Here's A Taste Of What's Revealed In The "Nature's Amazing Ear Infection Cures" e-book...

Chapter 1 - Ear Infections - The Facts You Need To Know

  • What type of ear infection do you or your loved one have? (page 5)
  • The 9 ear infection symptoms you can't afford to ignore (page 7)
  • Danger at the drugstore - what drugs you should never buy (page 11)
  • Why antibiotics are useless and possibly dangerous for most ear infections (page 12)
  • The problems with surgery (page 13)
  • The causes and triggers of ear infections - everything from viruses, bacteria and fungi to allergies, biomechanical obstruction, environmental irritants, nutrient deficiencies, poor infant feeding practices and more (pages 15-21)

Chapter 2 - Caring For Ear Infections At Home

  • How to relieve even the most excruciating ear ache with a hot onion poultice (page 22)
  • An ancient Ayurvedic recipe to control ear infections (page 23)
  • The herbal ear drops you can make in your own kitchen that are renowned for soothing ear pain (page 23)
  • The wonderful essential oil ear rubs you can make to ease ear congestion and discomfort (page 24)
  • The simplicity of homeopathy for treating ear infections - great for babies and young children (page 27)
  • User-friendly acupressure, massage and chiropractic to relieve ear pain, encourage fluid drainage and stimulate lymph (page 26)
  • The safe ways to remove ear wax (page 30)
  • Why ear candling can be dangerous (page 30)
  • How to relieve problem ears with air travel  (page 31)

Chapter 3 - Targeted Supplements and Herbs to Eliminate Ear Infections

  • Supplements that work. Supplements that don't. This chapter reveals the latest research on scientifically backed supplements for ear infections (pages 22 - 43)
  • The one nutrient proven to significantly reduce the rate of ear infections (page 42)
  • Healing herbs that soothe and comfort an infected ear and boost your body's natural infection fighting ability (page 43)

Chapter 4 - The Immune Boosting Diet

  • Little-known secrets about the everyday foods that fight ear infections (page 48)
  • Why you should avoid some foods like the plague (page 65)
  • The healthiest fruits to eat, including those with natural enzymes that reduce ear inflammation (page 52)
  • Quick and easy recipes to give you fast relief from ear pain and infections, including Chicken Soup Supreme (page 49), Soothing Hot Lemon, Honey and Ginger tea (page 45) and Onion Honey Syrup (page 52).

Chapter 5 - Could It Be Allergy?

  • Allergies and sensitivities - the hidden culprits in chronic ear infections? (page 72)

Chapter 6 - Lifestyle Factors For Optimal Immunity

  • Give yourself a stress makeover - lower your worry levels to help your immunity (page 80)
  • Hot health tips for a good night's sleep (page 82)
  • Laughter that heals (page 88)
  • The powers of sunlight, and how much is enough (page 91)
  • Motivation and inspiration for getting fit (page 89)

Chapter 7 - Detox For A New You

  • The deadly dangers of toxins (page 93)
  • Detoxification - the key to your optimal health. Flush out built up toxins hidden in your liver and bowel. Enjoy efficient digestion that gives you a lighter, healthier feeling body. (page 93-100)

Chapter 8 - Your Step-by-step Ear Infection Plan

  • Your personal blueprint for creating a super charged immune system that keeps ear infections at bay (page 101)
  • Critical strategies on how to nip an ear infection in the bud (page 106)

This is not just a few brief pages of simple tips like some e-books - it's over one hundred pages of detailed steps, knowledge and instruction prepared by someone who understands natural health treatments.

Elizabeth Noble has featured on National TV's Morning Show with Kerri Ann.

Leading Sydney based naturopath Elizabeth Noble has won national recognition with her natural health approaches - helping people to regain their health without drugs, surgery or expensive fad treatments. Her comprehensive treatments help people find the causes to why they are ill, and then help them regain their health and vitality for life.

Elizabeth leads two busy natural therapy clinics in Sydney. For over 14 years, Elizabeth and her team of qualified naturopaths have helped thousands of children and adults on the path to better health.

If you're as frustrated as I once was, and ready to break out of the limitations you have experienced because of you or your loved ones ear infections, then I invite you to make the investment in this e-book.


My baby has just turned 1 and he has already had 3 middle ear infections in less than 6 months. I had felt quite helpless.

It was very kind of you to write back so soon. Yesterday I literally swallowed your book! It really helped me today while I was at the doctor.

With your information I was able to ask the doctor to try to first take out the possibility of an allergy before giving my baby more antibiotics. He agreed so I am trying soy instead of cow's milk. ...I have also found a homeopathic doctor and am making an appointment next week. Thanks so much for your help.

Kind Regards, Daniela, Mexico


I get a lot of positive feedback from my clients and I am keeping the price of the book to an affordable USD$37.90. 

(We use an international secure shopping cart that accepts payments in just about any currency. The shopping cart will show USD$37.90 which will be converted to your local currency).

At this price you'll get 112 pages of life-changing knowledge for an investment of only USD$37.90. This is a very small outlay for information about banishing ear infections, which can also help you and your family maintain their general health.

It would take the average person days, weeks, months and years of sweat, tears and time to get this valuable information. You can get it today and put the information to work within minutes.


You risk nothing. All the risk is on me!

If you're not thrilled with your e-book, you can receive a full refund - no hassles. It's guaranteed. "That's how absolutely certain I am that you will find tremendous value in this information" 



In addition, I'm including some very special bonuses to everyone who orders the ebook.

BONUS 1 - Free e-mail support valued at $200.00

You'll receive FREE e-mail support for 30 days just by buying the book. I'll be there to hold your hand and give advice on any problems you have.

This support alone is valued at Two Hundred Dollars. I'm more than happy to include it FREE when you invest in the ear infection e-book!

This bonus is priceless. You get a qualified naturopath on call 24/7 to answer your most pressing questions. It's like having your own trained professional on stand-by ready to pitch in and help you anytime you desire.


BONUS 2 - Natural Antibiotic Alternatives e-book valued at $30.00

This bonus e-book reveals the dangers of antibiotics, their natural alternatives and how to protect yourself and loved ones against "the coming plague" - the time when infections are resistant to antibiotics and many drugs will be rendered useless. This information could save you or your families lives!

This e-book contains over 40 pages of life-changing information. It includes the natural approach to treating sinus infections, bronchitis, ear infections, gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections and more.

Valued at $30.00 this is FREE when you order your "Nature's Amazing Ear Infection Cures" e-book.

Your antibiotic bonus report is magnificent - your explanations are incredible and I thought that I knew a bit but I've learnt a whole lot more too. Amazing!!

Carol G, South Africa


BONUS 3 - The Immune Boosting Diet Recipe e-Book valued at $30.00

Feel great with the miraculous immune boosting diet. This recipe e-book is filled with great tasting meals that will dazzle your taste buds and give you a strong, robust immune system. Great for the whole family.

Here are just a few examples of the 50 health-giving recipes I'll share with you:

  • Thai Yellow Curry,
  • Salmon Cutlets with Lemon Dill sauce,
  • Spicy Meatballs with Garlic,
  • Vegetable Ratatouille,
  • Asian Chicken Stir Fry,
  • Veal Mozzarella,
  • Mushroom and Cheese Omlette,
  • Cottage Cheese Pancakes,
  • Cream of Chicken Soup,
  • Berry Smoothies
  • and more!


One of many success stories on the bonus
Immune Boosting Diet...

"I have always had a battle with my health and weight.
I finally got fed up with making excuses and started on Elizabeth's Program.

Now all I can say is THANK YOU. I have lost 25 kg, my health has greatly improved and to know it helps my epilepsy is a godsend. This is not a diet to me. It is a way to keep my body firing on all cylinders. I am so much happier in every way.

You have given me back my life to enjoy with a sense of purpose." Debbie L, Hornsby.

Before Immune Diet                      Four months after Immune Diet


Right now, you can be reading my "Nature's Amazing Ear Infection Cures" e-book and bonuses within minutes.

Lets take a closer look at everything you get:

  Normal price Price to you
Nature's Amazing Ear Ache Cures USD$49.95 USD$37.90
E-mail support $200.00 FREE
Antibiotic Alternatives e-book $30.00 FREE
Immune Boosting Recipe Book $30.00 FREE








Order and download your e-book, receive your free bonuses, and get relief from the agony of ear infections.

Yours Sincerely

Qualified Naturopath
Director Wholistic Therapy Centre

P.S. Order the "Nature's Amazing Ear Infection Cures" e-book today and start feeling positive results instantly. You can boost your immune system, soothe your painful ears and prevent further infections, without the use of immune-draining drugs. If you decide not to invest in this program you could be stuck spending a fortune on those awful antibiotics and possibly surgery that don't get to the cause of the problem!

You owe it to yourself to put this program to work.

P.P.S  Remember, you risk absolutely nothing with my 100% iron-clad, lifetime guarantee. If you're not delighted with your purchase, simply email me for a prompt and courteous refund - no questions asked. You simply can't lose!

P.P.P.S One last thing! If you have any further questions go to our Frequently asked question page. There's a good chance your question has been answered there.


I was delighted to receive the following two emails from a reader who has been able to treat her athlete daughter for recurring ear infections.  Well Done Angie of Madison, Alabama... and thank you for writing to me:

"I have read your book that I bought last week and I am enjoying it very much. My daughter Victoria is 13 and is a competitive swimmer so she swims every day. She suffers greatly from allergies that continually inflame her eardrums, causing a build up of the fluid, dizziness and discomfort. Victoria takes medication for allergies and has had to have several courses of antibiotics.

Victoria is now taking the supplements you suggested. She has the wheat and dairy free diet which has cut her mucus production down drastically. I am also giving Victoria the Muellin ear drops and they seem to be taking most of the sore red ear away".

Dec 11 2006

"Victoria has been doing really well. We had an appointment with the ear, nose and throat specialist for a review and she had no fluid in her ears. This is the first time since the beginning of the year that they had been completely clear.

The Doctor said the diet was the way to go but he sent her for allergy testing to see if there is something we are missing. The diet has been going well, she has had a few parties recently where she has had some wheat or diary and she told me that she can feel the mucus in her mouth in the mornings returning so we know that these foods trigger her. I think Victoria will try and stick with her diet as when she is mucus free she has more energy and her swimming benefits.

This weekend was the High School State Championships and her team came first in the Medley relay with Victoria doing Backstroke. She also managed to take 3 seconds off her Butterfly and Backstoke and get into the final so she said to me 'it all pays off'.

Many Thanks"

Angie B. Madison, Alabama. United States.

More great personal stories from readers...

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you so much for quickly responding and sending the e-book. I love the e-book. There is so much information and in great detail. It answered every question I had about ear infections and I feel much better informed now.

I tried the recipe with olive oil, tea tree and lavender overnight and it made a big difference. It was a book well worth purchasing for the knowledge and reassurance I gained from it.

Thank you

Susan L. Edmonton, Alberta. Canada


"I am a Drama teacher so I constantly use my voice. I have been plagued by a persistent sore throat and sore ears. I have tried many different treatments - all to no avail. I found your book so informative and comprehensive.

I felt that instead of feeling bamboozled by my Doctor's diagnosis I could actually start to understand what was at the source of my problems and how it is within my own hands to help myself to combat it.

Thanks Elizabeth".

Robyn F. Sydney, Australia

I am now 72 and have suffered from ear infections and ear pain for years. Every time I see the doctor she prescribes more antibiotics, which don't seem to help. Your e-book is fantastic. I am taking the supplements and doing the home treatments with good results. I am telling all my friends about it. Thank you for your help.

Audrey M. Sydney, Australia

Dear Elizabeth,

Just wanted to let you know that I received your information and have read it thoroughly. You have done a great job in compiling so much information together. It is very knowledgeable and I believe it has started to help already!

After finishing my antibiotic, I was good for a few days but then felt like the infection was coming back again. I immediately took another dose of vitamin C and put your suggested remedy in my ear. I began taking your recommended dose of vitamin C every few hours. I awoke feeling better the next day.

I am so afraid to speak too soon, but I just wanted to let you know that this simple holistic approach did make me feel better. So far so good. Also, I have ordered other vitamins which were suggested in your material and plan to start taking them on a daily basis in hopes to ward off future problems. I can only keep my fingers crossed - but it would be wonderful not to suffer with this problem in the future.

Thank you again. I feel good knowing that there is someone out there that I can converse with about my problem. I truly felt your information was well worth the price I paid. Keep up the good work!

Sincerely and gratefully yours,

Beverly B, Millville, Pennsylvania USA

I suffered an acute outer ear infection in my right ear on October 2nd. I had two sets of antibiotics and antibiotic ear drops. Over the next month I had my ear rechecked on several occasions with the GP and the ENT specialist, who assured me the infection had gone.

However I still had a feeling of pressure build up in my head. My forehead often felt tight as if something was puffing up the skin in that region. I also experienced lower jaw ache and a tender feeling inside the ear. I found myself constantly trying to equalize my ears, but there was never much relief.

After reading your ear infection e-book at 1am in the morning, I drank copious amounts of hot lemon and honey tea, and for the first time felt the pressure in my head recede.

I made up the fab chicken soup and loaded it up with heaps of garlic, cayenne and turmeric. It tasted great and blew away a lot of the congested feeling.

I got onto the supplements and am now trying to drink 2l of water each day.

Now 6 weeks later the pain in my ear has receded. The infection has cleared completely. I had my hearing tested and its all working fine, and equalizing properly.

I'm also going to go back to the gym tonight to work out for 30mins, hoping to build up my strength and fitness. I’ve decided to take life a whole lot slower and easier. No more rushing around.

I just wanted to thank you for all your good advice and to say how lucky I was to find your website when I did.

Thanking you very much.

Kind Regards

Hilary B, Brisbane

Click the link below to buy online with credit card by secure server. You'll be directed to our order page with PayPal, which means you have the advantage of secure processing by one of the world's largest online shopping carts. Once processed. you will be granted immediate access to begin downloading your e-book and FREE bonus material. Plus your personal information is completely safe.


DISCLAIMER This e-book's intention is to inform and educate. It is not to replace medical advice given by your health professional. It is recommended that you consult your doctor or health professional before following any therapeutic advice, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Never reduce or discontinue your prescribed medication without the consent of your doctor. The author cannot take medical or legal responsibility for illness arising out of the failure to seek medical advice from a doctor. © Wholistic Therapy Centre 2007

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