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Diana's Story...


Just imagine you had a weight problem so bad that you could barely walk, and were too embarrassed to leave the house! Imagine that everyday tasks like tying your shoes, climbing the stairs or shopping for clothes caused you pain and frustration.

That's how a former patient of mine, 45 year old Diana Edwards, lived her life. Since the birth of her children Diana had struggled with excess weight. She thought about food all day long, and had become a slave to her food cravings. Along with her weight came tiredness, aches and pains, stomach bloating and hormonal imbalances.

Diana tried everything. She attempted numerous diets. She swallowed diet pills. She even had liposuction. But nothing helped.

Desperate, she came to me, and we got to the underlying cause of her weight problem almost immediately.

From her symptoms I suspected that Diana had an abnormally high sensitivity to carbohydrates - a condition which caused her body to release more insulin than most people. This in turn caused her to store carbohydrates very quickly as fat. Every time Diana ate breads, pasta, rice or cereal her body was going into rapid fat storage mode!

After I changed Diana's diet...and put her on a program of natural weight loss remedies...she lost 40 kg in 30 weeks!

Diana's years of agony were over. Her doctors were amazed. They couldn't believe how well she looked and felt. Her family and friends were impressed - they had almost given up hope that Diana would ever feel so good again.

Best of all Diana could finally enjoy the life she'd always dreamed of - morning walks, days spent in the sun and surf, shopping for stylish clothes and enjoying delicious, nutritious meals without feeling constantly hungry!

Does it sound familiar to you? Diana's case is by no means unique. You can discover for yourself whether you have the same condition as Diana, or whether there might be another reason why you are overweight. What ever the cause, I think you will find that it is easy to treat if you know how.

Whether you're concerned with an increasing weight problem, want to lose a few stubborn kilos or just want to maintain your current ideal weight...there are lots of things you can do.

Like Diana, it is possible for you to lose weight safely, look and feel fantastic, improve your energy, reduce heart disease and get off the diet treadmill for good.

Elizabeth Noble B.Sc Dip Nat Res. Dip. Nat.Ther.

P.S You deserve to have a slimmer, healthier body. And you can have it. The only difference between you and people like Diana, is that they have learnt the secrets to weight control and have taken action. Once you get your hands on this valuable information, I know you will be successful. And remember - our program is fully guaranteed - you have nothing to lose!


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